ms Prinsendam
Holland America Line
by Steve J. Garrod

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The ms Prinsendam has lead a very prestigious life as having been the former Royal Viking Sun and Seabourn Sun, respectively.  She carries her role as a world explorer even more so now as Holland America Line's Prinsendam.

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ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy The ms Prinsendam majestically makes her way down the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy on a beautiful spring day.

Seeing any cruise ship sail down the Grand Canal is a spectacular scene.  Prinsendam's global image is perfect punctuation against the background of the romantic city, Venice.
ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy
ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy Inaugural Year : 1988
Capacity : 793 Guests
Tonnage : 38,000
Length : 669'     Width : 106'
ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy Striking head-on views of Prinsendam docked at Venice, Italy's passenger terminal.
ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy The third proud company to be in proud possession of this beautiful ship, now the Prinsendam.


The only public area finding its home on Dolphin Deck (the lowest guest deck) is the Golf Center.
Lower Promenade Deck
Prinsendam's warm and traditional teak decks remind guests that they are aboard a very special, nautical vessel.
These views depicts the forward ability to complete the 360 degree circuit.
Left : Lifeboat of the Prinsendam with the 4.1 mile long Astoria Bridge as a backdrop.

Right : Prinsendam's bow faces Venice, Italy's Terminal Venezia Passeggeri Marittima.
Flat panel displays such as this one are to display useful guest information.
Left : Art Gallery

Right : Prinsendam's Internet Café allow guests to keep in touch with friends and family no matter how far they may be.  Art within the Internet Café is provided by Tillberg Design US and depicts 3D prints with tulips.
The traditional Ocean Bar on the Prinsendam features sharp, nautical colors that are very pleasing to the eye.
The Odyssey Restaurant features a premium dining experience and hosts the "Pinnacle Grill" concept, a Pacific Northwest theme.
  A variety of intimate seating arrangements is available.
  This staircase links the La Fontaine Dining Room with the Explorers Lounge one deck above.
Proceeding aft, one will find one of the smaller sections of the La Fontaine Dining Room.  This section stretches aft and expands into a larger room.
  Warm touches such as these maintain a 'domestic' feel for those guests who sail aboard Prinsendam for her esteemed Voyages.
  Pastels and bright colors create a light mood in the main section of the La Fontaine Dining Room.
prdm03_48.jpg (62962 bytes) Both larger and smaller seating arrangements are available in the La Fontaine Dining Room.
Left : Sweeping architectural lines combine to create the sleek yacht-like image that Prinsendam carries.

Right : Aft facing windows from the La Fontaine Dining Room open up to an expansive deck.


The Atrium

The focal point of many a ship is most certainly her Atrium.  Prinsendam retains such classic and striking beauty in the evolution of her seagoing history that one cannot help but be drawn within.

The figurehead overlooking the goings on of the Atrium is directly in line with "Bolae", an elegant sculpted and frosted glass cylinder with underwash figures carved.

"Bolae" is a awe inspiring piece that is composed of half cylinder sections and mounted with metal fittings treated with an elegant and brushed finish.

Sweeping staircases frame public areas around the ship as guests view them from afar.

The staircase landing and the beginning point of "Bolae" most certainly provides a sharp backdrop for portraits.


Promenade Deck
  The Queen's Lounge features an entrance on both port and starboard side of the ship, near the hotel manager's and cruise director's offices.
The single level lounge features a variety of seating options with sloped flooring in order to provide maximum viewing quality.
With a capacity of 424, the Queen's Lounge hosts fine entertainment that Holland America Line guests have come to know.
Desks of the Future Cruise Consultant and Guest Relations Manager are located just off of the Atrium.
  As with other Holland America Line ships, the Front Office serves as the informational mecca for any length of voyage.
This passageway leads guests from the Erasmus Library into the Atrium amidships.
The intimate, yet functional Erasmus Library offers a selection of books for checkout throughout the voyage.
Left : The Photo Gallery provides the opportunity to preview photos taken throughout the voyage and make other purchases like film and videos

Right : Adjacent to the Photo Gallery is the Shore Excursions Desk.
  The Wajang Theater provides guests with recently released films and hot buttered popcorn before each showing.
Just around the corner from the Wajang Theater is an avenue lined with boutiques hosting logo items, liquors, and jewelry.

Guests can window shop while walking forward to the Prinsendam's Photo Gallery.
Also continuing a Holland America Line tradition is the classy Explorers Lounge featured amidships.
Gilbert Lebigre's patinated lions gaze over readers in the Explorers Lounge.

Various paintings show constructions of old sailing ships.
The Java Bar links the Explorers Lounge with the Casino and Oak Room.
This cozy and nautical room serves up exquisite coffees and provides treats for guests while they read or watch Headline News on CNN.
The Oak Room maintains a rustic and comfortable aura hosting the faux fireplace that was originally initiated aboard the Royal Viking Sun.
The Half Moon Room provides numerous options to guests no matter what their purpose in cruising is : business or pleasure.

Card playing fans will love tables lined against the windows providing nice sea views.

Prinsendam's intimate casino features a wide variety of gaming options to keep guests occupied while sailing the world's oceans.
In traditional Holland America Line style, fresh flowers are located throughout the ship.  No exception is made in this stateroom corridor on Promenade Deck.

Signage attempts to deter guests not in these particular staterooms from occupying the private deck.
Completely aft on Promenade is the private deck / lanai style area for guests occupying the only staterooms available on this deck.

A jacuzzi is available for the exclusive use of guests in these staterooms.


Upper Promenade Deck
For guests wishing to stay active, Prinsendam features a gymnasium.
  On the starboard side of Upper Promenade Deck aft, guests will enter into the reception area of the Ocean Spa.

Prinsendam's Ocean Spa also features a thoroughly luxurious Rasul room.
Left : Clean and bright colors create a relaxing mood for guests as they anticipate their upcoming spa treatment.

Right : The Ocean Spa features a lift for the physically challenged.


Verandah Deck
  Gazing out onto the bow from Verandah Deck forward.
  Self service launderettes  are featured throughout the ship in accommodation areas for guest convenience, especially on the longer voyages.


Lido Deck
Featured completely forward on Lido Deck is the Neptune Lounge, for the exclusive use of guests occupying a full suite with its host of amenities.

Right : This corridor will lead guests from the Neptune Lounge aft on Lido Deck to the other public areas.
The concierge staff is always very friendly and is able to assist in a number of activities such as making Odyssey Restaurant reservations or securing a shore excursion.

Guests will definitely enjoy the coffees, teas, and treats.
Rich woods and warm colors make the Neptune Lounge particularly inviting.
Models in this elevator lobby depict how Prinsendam once appeared under a different cruise line's flag.
  The Lido Pool and subsequent whirlpool are overlooked by a signature ship name placard very much following the lead of the Royal Viking Sun.
The Lido Bar and Terrace Grill are located just adjacent to the swimming pool.
Left : Just outside of the Lido Restaurant is a scale model of the original Prinsendam.

Right : Looking into obscure places throughout the ship, one can discover a striking effect such as this.  This particular view is found in the elevator lobby of Lido Deck aft.
Upholding Prinsendam's image of being very yacht-like are a number of items that create such a nautical environment.
The 171 capacity Lido Restaurant aboard Prinsendam is a true break from the design aboard other Holland America Line ships.
Serving areas are very spacious and are broken down into separate sections to avoid the concept of one long line.
Both outdoor seating and that with a view are plentiful.


Sports Deck
A number of seating options are available in the Crow's Nest for intimate couples or larger groups to enjoy piano music and beverages.
The Crow's Nest Lounge is dominated by pleasing blues and sweeping sea views.
  This corridor leads guests from the forward stairwell on Sports Deck into the Crow's Nest Lounge.
Just glancing at the Prinsendam's sleek funnel, many can quickly and easily envision the previous Royal Viking Line logo that one had occupied the space.
  Both port and starboard sides of Sports Deck aft have sporting areas including volleyball, quoits, and golf driving.


Observation Deck
Gazing from forward to aft on Observation Deck, one gets a complete view of the ship's mast along to the funnel.


Closing Images
  Clear and colored signage assists guests in making their way around Prinsendam for their voyage.
n maintaining Holland America Line tradition, the works of Captain Stephen Card are displayed throughout the aft staircase depicting the fleet through the years.
Various pieces of art and features were presented as gifts to either the Royal Viking Sun or Seabourn Sun throughout their prestigious careers.
ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy Prinsendam is a true, seagoing classic that continues to show her guests the world over and over.
ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy ms Prinsendam in Venice, Italy A couple of interesting views of Prinsendam's beautifully raked bow.
  Steve J. Garrod on Deck of the Prinsendam Webmaster Steve taking a quick break along the Sports Deck walk.