About shipcafe.net
I began shipcafe.net in September of 1997 while in my residence hall room at Northern Illinois University.  I primarily developed the site to convey my interests and act as a personal hub on the Internet.  Given my passion for the cruise industry, I began to incorporate cruise ship reviews of my own and also of friends.  The look of the site has evolved greatly since that time but the basic premise remains the same.

My vision for shipcafe.net is to provide useful shipboard and travel photologues that can be viewed for potential cruise guests or anyone else for that matter.  Aside from the main content of the site I also strive to provide other elements of my life including a current web log, personal information, glimpses of friends and family, and a showcase of the beautiful city in which I live : Seattle.



More about the Webmaster  
Some readers scope the Internet to learn more than than they had ever anticipated about a particular person or thing.  For those looking for such an experience, you may view a comprehensive biography of me here.  You may also take a closer look into the world of my friends and family here.