Friends & Family
I consider my friends and family to be the ultimate fabric creating the tapestry of life.  It is the love, friendship, and dynamics of friends and family that really make life fantastic.

I have always had a good relationship with my family, particularly mom and dad.  Despite my having moved to Seattle from Chicago, I am fortunate to be able to see them relatively frequently.

I highly value the friends I've met throughout my life and do my best to honor those who have made a favorable impression on me.  While it would be very difficult to address everyone on just this page I have selected photos of family, friends, and even Internet acquaintances I have either only communicated with and/or have been able to meet.

Last but not least, as important as I feel each and every loved one who has impacted my life, it is equally as difficult to bid them farewell.  It is here that I would like to honor my late Grandmother and good friend Bayla.





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