Royal Promenade
oa10_034.jpg (121173 bytes) oa10_296.jpg (131881 bytes) Introduced on the Voyager of the Seas, the Royal Promenade has been an enormous success for Royal Caribbean International and brings together boutique shopping, great eating and drinking, and entertainment.  The Royal Promenade is on all Voyager and Freedom class ships and that of the Oasis incorporates many exciting, new features.  Foremost, the Royal Promenade on the Oasis of the Seas is 33 feet wider than the equivalent spaces on other ships.
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The Royal Promenade

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oa10_223.jpg (120400 bytes) oa10_222.jpg (113318 bytes) Also new in the Royal Promenade on Oasis is an additional mezzanine level and two giant arched skylights, the Crystal Canopies, that allow natural light to flood down from Central Park.

As past guests have experienced in the Royal Promenade of the other ships, not to miss events here include the street parades.  Oasis of the Seas debuted with the Rockin' Rhythm Street Party, Lollapalooza Street Party, and one night per week, the 1970's themed street party.  The parades are performed by the ship's singers and Cruise Director's staff.

On the starboard side of the Royal Promenade is the Champagne Bar which is an ideal venue in which to enjoy pre dinner drinks.  Nearby are exclusive boutiques such as Regalia and Willow.
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The Royal Promenade

Stairs from Royal Promenade to Focus

Wood and Metal Model of Schooner 'Bluenose' by British Langford Marine's Antiques

Bridge Leading to the Boardwalk

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oa10_181.jpg (109915 bytes) oa10_046.jpg (125770 bytes) An exciting new feature found on Oasis and Allure of the Seas is the Rising Tide Bar.  It is truly the first of its kind at sea and travels vertically between the Royal Promenade and Central Park.  As the bar rises up, guests can view jets of water traveling skyward and beautiful glass work in the pool below.  In the pool are thousands of tiny glass bubbles that are not only visually impressive but functional as they reduce the sound of cascading water.  Opposite the Rising Tide Bar is the twenty four hour, essential Guest Services desk.

Located on deck five is the Focus Photo Gallery that features a range of the latest in digital photography equipment and unique, brand new in concept photo filing towers.  Guests can browse the photos in which they are featured by locating their personal folder categorized by stateroom number.

The Café Promenade is the signature Royal Promenade dining venue serving up a nice range of hot beverages and snacks.  The On Air Club is a dynamic, up to the minute media venue covering everything from news and sports to cartoons all displayed on a series of screens.

The Cupcake Cupboard is the World's first gourmet cupcake store at sea and the Schooner Bar is an iconic Royal Caribbean venue offering a relaxed setting for drinks in a nautical theme, with the unmistakable scent of an ancient ship's deck.

Boleros is a Latin-themed club where guests can enjoy a live salsa band and be treated to mojitos or caipirinhas.  Above Boleros is the Diamond Club, an exclusive bar for Royal Caribbean International's Diamond and Diamond Plus Crown & Anchor members.

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