Art of the Oasis
oa10_076.jpg (104246 bytes) oa10_080.jpg (99180 bytes) Much like the other ships of Royal Caribbean International, Oasis of the Seas is a true floating art gallery at sea. Oasis of the Seas is home to more than 9,300 pieces of art by 21 artists of different nationalities.  The collection is valued at more than ten million dollars.  Each piece has been selected by the talented team at IC Art.

At the time of Oasis of the Seas' debut, IC Art had worked for over eighteen years to provide stunning art installations for Royal Caribbean International.  With this partnership, IC Art has provided art work for eighteen brand new ships and for approximately twelve ship refurbishments.

Royal Caribbean International initially meets with IC Art to discuss the concept of the new ships and once it has been determined, they then work with individual architects responsible for the venues to discuss the desired theme for each location.
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Cast Glass and Metal Work by American Artist Alex Gabriel Bernstein

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oa10_295.jpg (127350 bytes) oa10_298.jpg (91006 bytes) Sourcing out artwork for each new ship is undertaken by a team of curators who seek out talented artists and pieces of art from across the globe.  Each project is overseen by a creative director.  In the case of the Oasis of the Seas, this process was taken out by Mariangela Capuzzo, who was responsible for ensuring continuity throughout the ship.

The common theme of art throughout the Oasis of the Seas is 'The Wonder of Our World'.  This this theme was chosen for both Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas by IC Art partner Joan Blackman for continuity.  The them has enough scope to cover the many art spaces on board both ships.

As guests enjoy their personal holiday aboard Oasis of the Seas, they will discover an amazing array of beautiful pieces which span all art forms, including painting, sculpture, light installations, collage, and mosaic.

The Art Actually gallery debuted on the Oasis of the Seas in Central Park and provides guests the opportunity to explore the Royal Collection, compiled by artists who have previously exhibited on board Royal Caribbean International ships.

Guests may purchase unique pieces of art including small reproductions or replicas of pieces found aboard Oasis of the Seas.  Many of the installations of art found throughout the ship have stickers that indicate that they are available at the Art Actually gallery in Central Park.

Oasis of the Seas offers twice daily art tours lead by one of the dedicated art guides.  The guides are experienced professionals from the art world and have a wealth of knowledge to inspire guests.  Guests should stop by the Parkside Gallery to find out the full offering of art services available to them on their particular voyage.

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