Showtime Deck - 5

mj09_98.jpg (107577 bytes) mj09_226.jpg (112142 bytes) The forward most section of Showtime Deck 5 is comprised of guest staterooms and splits off to Deck 6 - Tween Deck.  Tween Deck is comprised completely of guest staterooms.

Stepping down from Deck 6, guests will find the Boutiques of Centrum on Deck 5.  The Boutiques of Centrum include ships such as a liquor shop, jewelry shop, logo souvenir shop, photo shop, perfume shop, and other specialty venues.

Also located within the Boutiques of Centrum is Latté-Tudes which serves up Seattle's Best Coffee.  Guests can also purchase other pastries and delicacies here.

Located in the center of the Boutiques of Centrum are display cases where guests can browse through featured items located in the shops and also find specials of the day.

Aft of the Centrum on Showtime Deck are the Casino Royale and the Schooner Bar.  The Schooner Bar runs along the port side of the ship and is a long standing trademark venue aboard Royal Caribbean ships.  Majesty of the Seas' Schooner Bar, with a capacity of 142 guests, is an ideal location for pre or post dinner drinks, conversation, and people watching.  A pianist also performs here at various times throughout the evening.

The Schooner Bar, as the name suggests, is rich with nautical theme.  On most Royal Caribbean ships, there is also a unique scent that can be detected.  The scent originates from pitch made of pine tar and is mixed with oakum to be pounded into spaces in wooden hulls to create a waterproof seal.  The pitch is also used as a preservative for miles of rigging that was used on tall ships for bracing and controlling the sails, mooring the ship, and holding the anchor.  The mast-like setup in the Schooner Bar and its ropes, knots, and belaying pins are treated with this pitch and therefore creating the scent.

Guests will also find a number of nautical items and artwork throughout.  Included in that is 'Le Viking' which was presented to the Majesty of the Seas by the workers of the shipyard Chantiers de l'Atlantique in St. Nazaire, France upon delivery of the ship on 27 March, 1992.  The piece was crafted by sheet metal worker Roland Halgand.

Various nautical paintings are also located throughout, such as that of a mast by artist Knudsens Fotosenter, located at the forward entrance of the Schooner Bar.

On the starboard side of Showtime Deck is the Casino Royale.  The Casino Royale features electronic slot machines, video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and Caribbean stud poker.

Proceeding aft from either the Casino Royale or the Schooner Bar, guests come across and elevator lobby with its own miniature atrium that spans several decks and features art to reflect the theme of the main show lounge 'A Chorus Line'.

Based upon the original Broadway production by Michael Bennett, the show lounge continues a long standing tradition of Royal Caribbean to name public spaces after musicals.  'A Chorus Line' show lounge has a capacity for 1,027 guests and spans two decks.  Tiered seating affords direct views of the stage for most everyone.

Featured on the stage of 'A Chorus Line' is a video wall comprised of fifty individual television monitors and serves as an impressive backdrops for production shows, such as those by the Majesty of the Seas singers and dancers.

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