Main Deck - 4

mj09_133.jpg (105493 bytes) mj09_134.jpg (111858 bytes) Located amidships on Main Deck is the Starlight Dining Room which used to be called the Mikado Dining Room before Majesty of the Seas' extensive makeover in 2007.  The Starlight Dining Room seats 697 guests in two sittings.

Proceeding just outside of the Starlight Dining Room, guests find the essential services of the Guest Relations Desk and the Shore Excursions Desk.  This expansive area is also where embarkation and disembarkation take place on the first day and final morning of the cruise.

On the starboard side of the embarkation lobby is a small library which features not only books but also games and sign up sheets for gatherings on board.  On the port side is Royal Caribbean Online, Majesty of the Seas' Internet Café.  Guests may go online for a per minute basis or also purchase time packages that reduces the per minute cost slightly.  Guests may surf the Internet, check their own personal e-mail, or establish an account on board.

A couple of important  works reside in the Guest Relations area of the Majesty of the Seas.  A portrait hangs on the starboard side of Majesty's Godmother, Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway who christened the ship on 26 April, 1992.

The most striking and dominant work of art anchored in the Guest Relations area is 'The Crown' by Nicolaus Widerberg.  Born in 1960 in Oslo, Norway, Nicolaus Widerberg has commissioned works of art for Aker Maritime AS Oslo, Gardermoen Airport, and the University Gallery in Newcastle.  His works are reflective of unrelenting creative impulse.

As first introduced on early sister ship Sovereign of the Seas, the Centrum is the true heartbeat of Majesty of the Seas, linking together most all of the public area decks and is anchored by a dance floor where live music also takes place.

Twin glass elevators sweep guests from the base of the Centrum on deck two up to deck seven.  Guests may also travel from deck to deck by means of the parallel winding staircases that flank the Centrum on either side.

Located forward of the Guest Relations Desk and Shore Excursions Desk are guest accommodations that range from interior (119 square feet) to exterior (122 square feet) view.
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