Promenade Deck - 7

mj09_69.jpg (102916 bytes) mj09_92.jpg (113626 bytes) Located amidships on Promenade Deck is Majesty of the Seas' Conference Center, just forward of the Centrum.  This area used to be the Touch of Class Champagne Bar before Majesty underwent her revitalization in 2007.  The Conference Center can accommodate a maximum number of 239 attendees and can be reconfigured in a number of formats.

Proceeding aft from the Conference Center, guests will find the Loyalty Ambassador's desk where future cruises can be booked.  Here, guests can obtain a reduced deposit amount on a specific cruise or for an unspecified date.  Parallel to the Loyalty Ambassador's desk is the Business Center for guests who need to tend to such matters while at sea.

Formerly the Blue Skies Lounge, Boleros is located amidships just aft of the Centrum.  The 257 guest capacity Boleros is distinctively known for providing exciting Latin rhythms for the ear and also cool mojitos and caipirinas for the palate.  After guests have been dancing the night away in Boleros, they can head outdoors for a stroll around the full circuit outdoor promenade.  Lifeboat stations are located both outdoors along the open promenade and also in Boleros.

Completely aft on Promenade Deck is the balcony level to the main show lounge, A Chorus Line.
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