Mariner Deck - 8

mj09_24.jpg (100019 bytes) mj09_20.jpg (115925 bytes) Located aft on Deck 8 is the 257 guest capacity Spectrum Lounge.  Originally the Paint Your Wagon Lounge, Spectrum now serves as Majesty of the Seas' nightclub which was previously the On Your Toes Nightclub.

By evening, the expansive Spectrum comes alive with music spun by the deejay and vibrant lighting effects.  By day, this area remains eye catching with beautiful shades of blues, pinks, and purples and offset by winding, beige seating  structures throughout.  Guests may get beverages at the sunken bar near the port side entrance or by means of the wait staff.

The Spectrum Lounge is also used as a secondary lounge to the main show lounge for activities and functions.
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