A Deck - 3

mj09_37.jpg (114580 bytes) mj09_38.jpg (107672 bytes) The majority of guest real estate on 'A' Deck is comprised of accommodations.  The accommodations on 'A' Deck range from interior (119 square feet) to exterior (122 square feet) view.  Conjoining the guest accommodation areas with the Centrum is Majesty of the Seas' photo gallery.  Guests may browse and purchase photos that have been taken of them throughout the cruise.

Surrounding the Centrum is the art gallery where original art is displayed.  These works of art are featured in the art auctions that take place on board as per the schedule in the Cruise Compass.

Located amidships on 'A' Deck is the 675 guest capacity Moonlight Dining Room.  Prior to Majesty of the Seas' extensive refurbishment in 2007, the name of this dining room was Maytime.  Guests may opt for early or late sitting and most recently, Royal Caribbean International has introduced My Time Dining.  With My Time Dining, guests can experience the same level of service and food quality of the main dining room but with the flexibility of dining when they like.  My Time Dining can be experienced generally between 18:00 and 21:30.
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