Compass Deck - 12

mj09_86.jpg (114709 bytes) mj09_110.jpg (120200 bytes) Located forward on Compass Deck are the specialty dining venues Johnny Rockets (72 guests), Sorrento's (158 guests), and the Compass Deli (52 guests).  There is also staircase access to the Windjammer Marketplace one deck below.

Sorrento's serves up fresh hot pizza from early in the day until late in the evening.  The Compass Deli offers a wide variety of sandwiches (grilled or traditional), salads, and snacks.  The iconic Johnny Rockets not only provides burgers, malts, and fries but also a periodic staff choreographed performance.  A nominal surcharge applies for Johnny Rocket's.

A sun walk / jogging track surrounds the pool deck and leads guests aft to the rock climbing wall.  Rock climbing is complimentary and is offered at selected times throughout the day with professional staff to oversee it.
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