Viking Crown Lounge - 14

mj09_153.jpg (105051 bytes) mj09_02.jpg (120198 bytes) The Viking Crown Lounge concept was first introduced on the former Song of Norway and continues to be a Royal Caribbean International trademark to this day.  The have taken a variety of different formats throughout the years, however.  The first fully circular Viking Crown Lounge was introduced on the former Song of America.

Majesty of the Seas' Viking Crown Lounge is perched high atop the ship on deck fourteen and accommodates 229 guests.

A number of works of art accent the Viking Crown Lounge including 'Viking Ships' by artist Marianne Valkner Ingeberg.

The Viking Crown Lounge serves as an ideal setting for quiet moments to observe the surrounding seascape as well as watching sunsets and enjoying beverages.  Private functions can also take place here such as group cocktail parties and weddings.

From whichever angle one views the Viking Crown Lounge, it provides a dramatic and striking effect.
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