Sun Deck - 11

mj09_88.jpg (98502 bytes) mj09_238.jpg (95218 bytes) The Windjammer Marketplace occupies the forward most space on Sun Deck and can accommodate 546 guests.  The Windjammer Marketplace serves as Majesty of the Seas casual, buffet style dining venue with a wide variety of serving stations such as vegetables, salads, Mediterranean cuisine, Asian cuisine, desserts, and more.  The Windjammer is available for breakfast, lunch, and also casual dinner.

Staircases in the Windjammer Marketplace provide easy access to the other eateries on deck above : Sorrento's, the Compass Deli, and Johnny Rocket's.

Located amidships are twin swimming pools along with two whirlpools.  There is also a main pool bar along with an aft pool bar.

Aft on Sun Deck are facilities for teens on board such as the Living Room and the Fuel Nightclub.  Activities for teens are broken down into the 12 to 14 and 15 to 17 year age ranges.  Teens can wander between the Living Room and the Fuel  Nightclub as they are connected.  Fuel features a DJ booth, dance floor, and a plasma screen television.

Completely aft on Sun Deck is Majesty of the Seas' sports deck featuring basketball and ping pong tables.
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