Closing Thoughts

mj09_77.jpg (82106 bytes) mj09_130.jpg (99443 bytes) Majesty of the Seas , since her introduction, has always provided an exceptional cruise experience and has raised the level of her delivery with the extensive refurbishment in 2007.  What has not changed, fortunately, is her exterior profile and graceful lines.  From her raked bow to her rounded stern, she is a striking vessel and unmistakable from afar on the horizon.

She received additional interior stateroom accommodations when the ship's former cinema was removed.  Most of the striking changes are in terms of enhancing what had already existed such as the overhaul of public restrooms, the replacement of stateroom televisions to flat panel monitors, and the complete overhaul of the Windjammer Markeplace.

Classic artwork and pieces still exist throughout the Majesty of the Seas.  Just one of these examples is the expansive 'View of New York' which was drawn in 1843 by French painter Jean-Julian Delth.  The panels are divided into seven sections and there is one print for each color (or shade of color) so there is more than one hundred separate prints that have been made, each one with a different block of engraved pear tree wood.  This work of art was presented to the Majesty of the Seas by shipyard Chantiers de l'Atlantique in France upon her delivery in 1992.

Despite Majesty of the Seas being modest in size for the cruise industry on average, she provides and exceptional feel of spaciousness throughout her public spaces.  While her stateroom accommodations may feel small for the industry average, Majesty of the Seas more than compensates throughout the rest of the ship with her lounges and common areas.

Majesty of the Seas is a true gem in the Royal Caribbean International fleet given her ability to provide the most modern amenities at sea but also catering to those of us who enjoy the smaller and classic ships.  Majesty of the Seas also remains a perfect opportunity for new cruise guests to get their feet wet with the experience and provide a positive experience in just a few days to then opt for a longer itinerary in the future.
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