Promenade Deck  


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Continuing the tradition from all other Carnival ships, Promenade Deck hosts a great number of entertainment and shopping venues.  Completely forward on Promenade Deck is the upper level of the Spectacular Spectacular main show lounge.

Parallel to the Splendor Atrium on the port and starboard sides are the Fun Shops of Carnival.  There is a wide variety of shops where guests can shop for apparel, logo items, and many other duty free goods.  The Formalities shop allows guests to purchase or rent items to look their very best on one of the formal evenings.

Located just off of the atrium is the Our House Sports Bar, which accommodates 55 guests.  Our House celebrates a team's home field advantage by displaying famous stadiums in glass cabinets throughout the room accented by red, white, and blue bunting.  Bar tops and table tops are inlaid with photos of famous sports stadiums.

The Royal Flush Casino is accessible both by Our House Sports Bar and the Oceanview Promenade.  The Royal Flush Casino's primary theme is that of a 'splendid, winning hand'.  Guests can try their hand at poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, slot machines, and a lot more.  Combinations of royal flush hands are set along the walls with the characters on the cards emerging from the wall like a sculpture.  Card images on the ceiling gradually change into different hands.

The Oceanview Bar, which seats 23 guests, is a perfect oasis for those who have been enjoying the casino or for people watching along the promenade.  Live music nearby punctuates the experience.

Particularly popular in the morning before guests meet their shore excursions is The Coffee Shop.  Specialty coffees and pastries are available here for a moderate cost.

The place to be for guests in the fifteen to seventeen age range is Club O2.  As part of the Club O2 program, teens can enjoy some of the latest game consoles, board & card games, the latest music, karaoke jam sessions, teen only shore excursions, and dance & pool parties. Adjacent to Club O2 is Carnival Splendor's video arcade.

Proceeding aft along the Oceanview Promenade, guests may enjoy some sushi and sashimi at the California Roll sushi bar.  Here, large models of koi goldfish in iridescent paints accent the scene.  The bar front is composed of river rock, and all of the tile work on the walls and surfaces is made of natural mother of pearl shells.

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Another great place to enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine, or just people watching is the El Mojito Wine Bar.  The décor and arrangement of the El Mojito Wine Bar is intended to create the feel of a sidewalk café in Old Havana.  To support this, there are Spanish-style columns topped with domes and classic lanterns hung throughout the area.  Additionally, guests are immersed in the feel of Cuba by terracotta floors, aged stucco walls, and colorful Cuban posters.

If guests would like to pick up the pace and be among the famous, just across from the El Mojito Wine Bar is the star studded Red Carpet Dance Club.  Guests may pass the VIP queue already formed by a series of mannequins waiting to enter. The Red Carpet Dance Club accommodates 211 guests and is highlighted by wall images of reporters and paparazzi.  The action generally begins at 22:00 and continues until the wee hours of the morning.

Particularly popular for sing-a-longs and placing requests is the 100 guest capacity Grand Piano Bar.  Guests may be part of the action by sitting around the circular piano area or take a seat anywhere else throughout the bar.  The primary décor here is composed of reds, blacks, and many table tops are in the shape of a grand piano.  Grand piano tops are also featured on the walls and ceiling.

Located on the opposite side of the ship, on the port side, is The Cool Lounge which accommodates 88 guests.  The Cool Lounge salutes the legendary coolness of jazz greats.  Walls are decorated with artwork inspired by jazz legend trumpeter Miles Davis, with his photos  and sheet music of his compositions.

While passing into or coming out from the El Morocco Lounge, guests can view down into the Golden Atrium which originates at the Gold Pearl Restaurant one deck down.

The original El Morocco opened in 1931 shortly after the repeal of of prohibition on 54th street in New York City.  Carnival Splendor continues the legacy in the 425 guest El Morocco Lounge, located completely aft.

Banquettes are covered in zebra-patterned leather with palm trees and lanterns adorning the walls.  Murals featuring Moroccan scenes are located throughout as well.  Live music is featured from mid to late evening. 

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