Lido Deck  

Located completely forward on Lido Deck is a forward exterior deck that is accessible through the guest stateroom corridors on both port and starboard side.  The staterooms located on Lido Deck are suites, balcony, and interior staterooms.

Carnival Splendor offers a wide array of guest accommodations including 10 penthouse suites, 42 suites, 537 balcony staterooms, 337 ocean view staterooms, and 577 interior staterooms.

A new innovation for the Carnival Splendor is the range of Cloud 9 Spa staterooms.  The Cloud 9 Spa staterooms include interior (category 4S), ocean view (category 6E), balcony (categories 8P and 8S), and suites (category SS).  These staterooms.

Guests who book the Cloud 9 Spa staterooms receive a number of amenities including unlimited access to the spa and its facilities, priority spa appointments with pre-cruise concierge consultation, use of special Cloud 9 Spa items such as bathrobes, towels, and slippers along with complimentary fitness classes.

All staterooms feature the Carnival Comfort Beds developed specifically for Carnival with high quality mattresses, high thread count linens and duvets, and custom pillows.  All staterooms feature flat panel televisions.

Amidships on Lido Deck is the expansive Splendido Lido Pool with sliding sky dome overhead.  As featured on most Carnival ships, the Carnival Splendor features the Seaside Theatre with a 270 square foot screen.  Two bars are located here on the port and starboard sides.

Throughout the day, the Carnival Seaside Theatre features scheduled movies that are listed in the Carnival Capers.  At other times, programming such as CNN, sports events, and the like are broadcasted here.

Instead of being considered simply a pool deck, the two-story glass-walled area is more like another public venue.  Two food service lines are located aft of the pool, including the ship's pizzeria.

The 1,396 guest capacity Lido Restaurant is Carnival Splendor's casual dining venue.  Guests may start the day here with fresh fruit juice, custom made omelets, pancakes, French toast, and freshly brewed coffee.  Continental breakfast generally begins at 6:00 in the morning.  The breakfast buffet then begins at 7:00 and stays open until noon at the latest. 

Lunch service runs from noon until early evening and guests may even enjoy a casual dining experience in the Lido Restaurant from the hours of 18:00 until 21:30, generally.  This is a particularly popular option for guests who are booked on a shore excursion that may end later in the day.  The pizzeria located poolside is open twenty four hours and late night dining is available in the Lido Restaurant from 23:30 until 00:30, generally.  Exact times for all dining options is published daily in the Carnival Capers.

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There is a wide selection of dining stations located throughout the Lido Restaurant including a deli, Mongolian station, poolside grille, and Indian Tandoor station.

Aft of the Lido Restaurant is the Liner Lido Pool area.  This area pays homage to the great liners of the past such as the Normandie and Queen Mary.  The walls are made of beautiful teak molded paneling.  The bars and service lines recall the hulls of these great ships.  Large half models of the Normandie and Queen Mary are featured along the walls.

The aft Liner Lido Pool also features two Jacuzzis.  This expansive pool deck area offers guests an impressive view of the ship's wake.

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