Atlantic Deck  

Located completely forward on Atlantic Deck over Carnival Splendor's mooring deck is a crew only area and the traditional ship's bell.  Along the port and starboard sides of the ship on this deck are the guest muster stations.

Aft of the Spectacular Spectacular show lounge on Atlantic Deck is the Splendor Atrium and the ship's photo gallery.  Guests can view and purchase photos that have been taken of them throughout their cruise.  Other offerings here are digital photography services and items for purchase.

The Alexandria Library, with a capacity of 17 guests, provides a quiet place to read and browse the selection of books available.  Circle 'C' is located just aft of the library and caters to youth in the twelve to fourteen year age range. Activities that are available for this group include some of the latest game consoles, board & card games, dance parties, trivia & scavenger hunts, sports, and pool parties.

Amidships is the Black Pearl Restaurant, one of Carnival Splendor's two main dining venues, and seats 744 guests in two sittings.
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For groups conducting business at sea, the Board Room Conference room is located aft of the Black Pearl Restaurant and has the capacity for 100 guests.  One of the striking features here are the twisting pearl center pieces that hang from the ceiling.

When the Black Pearl Restaurant is closed, this area is accessible via stairs or elevator from Promenade Deck as there is not other through access.

Proceeding aft from the Board Room, guests will enter the Robusto Cigar Bar.  With capacity for 147 guests, the Robusto Cigar Bar is a great hideaway that features oversized, deep leather sofas.  This is an ideal area in which to enjoy great music and a good cigar. 

Tucked away within the Robusto Cigar Bar is 'The Web' which is the ships Internet centre.  In addition to the Internet terminals located here, the Carnival Splendor also offers a 'Bow2stern' Wi-Fi wireless network.  There is a limited number of laptops available on board for rent so it is recommended that guests bring their own.  Internet time is available by the minute or can be purchased in packages.

A miniature atrium, the 'Golden Atrium' welcomes guests to the Gold Pearl Dining room and provides view down from Promenade Deck.

Located completely aft on Atlantic Deck is the 1,122 guest capacity Gold Pearl Dining Room.  Much like the Black Pearl Dining Room, dinner is served here in two sittings.  Favorite staples featured in the Carnival Splendor's dining rooms are lobster, Chateaubriand, and an increasing number of options for Indian cuisine.

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