Panorama Deck  

Forward on Panorama Deck are new stateroom accommodations for Carnival Cruise Line.  Guests who book into the exclusive spa accommodations nearby to the 'Cloud 9 Spa' receive amenities including unlimited access to the spa and its facilities, priority spa appointments, and use of 'Cloud 9 Spa' logo items such as bathrobes, towels, and slippers for use during the cruise. 

Aft of the spa accommodations  on Panorama Deck is the upper level of the amidships pool area surrounding the Carnival Seaside Theatre.  On both the port and starboard side of this area is an ocean view hot tubs.

Camp Carnival accommodates youth from the ages of two to eleven.  The age ranges within Camp Carnival are also further broken down from two to five, six to eight, and nine to eleven.  Activities here range from board games, reading & story time, finger painting, dance parties, game consoles, to talent shows.

Aft on Panorama Deck is the upper level of the Lido Restaurant and the Rotisserie.  The upper level provides additional seating to complement the 1,396 seat Lido Restaurant.

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