Lobby Deck  

Located forward on Lobby Deck is the lower level of the 1,400 guest capacity Spectacular Spectacular show lounge.  This impressive venue features sparkly fiberglass stage curtains throughout.  The idea behind this is to give the impression that the whole room is the stage, according to ship's architect, Joe Farcus.

Furthermore, large chandeliers are draped domes with strings of beads hanging down.  Nightly entertainment is featured in the Spectacular Spectacular, including impressive Broadway style production shows.

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Aft of the Spectacular Spectacular are essential guest services such as the information desk and the shore excursions desk.  Anchored at the base of the Splendor Atrium is the Splendor Bar which seats ten guests.

Looking up from the Splendor Bar is a view of the soaring Splendor Atrium which links nearly all of the Carnival Splendor's public areas.  The atrium balcony and main staircases continue with the stainless steel décor along with railings that have a circular textured glass infill with orange and red jewels fused on and topped by a pink and black grained wood handrail.

Other venues located aft of the Splendor Atrium are the 28 guest capacity Pink Pearl Room and the 36 guest capacity Art Room located on the port and starboard side of Lobby Deck, respectively.  Amidships and aft on Lobby Deck are the Black Pearl Restaurant and the Gold Pearl Restaurant.

Guests may head outdoors to an exterior deck for some fresh sea air.  This deck does not completely encircle the ship, however.  A jogging track is located on Sky Deck number 14.
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