Riviera Deck


Located forward on Riviera Deck and uniquely positioned beneath the Taj Mahal Lounge is that of the Butterflies Lounge.  With a capacity of 348, the Butterflies Lounge serves as Carnival Pride's alternative / cabaret lounge.

Located within faux windows are colourful transparent fabrics that resemble butterfly wings.  The wings then disappear under special lights to illuminate flocks of butterflies located behind.  Located throughout the lounge are neon and black lights that illuminate metallic-glitter butterflies on the walls and four different butterfly patterns in the upholstery.

The Butterflies hosts a variety of cruise activities that would not necessarily need the full capacity of a lounge such as the Taj Mahal.  Guests will also find a band playing here for pre or post dinner dancing.  The Butterflies Lounge is also a great location for private parties given her remote location.

The other public lounge located on Riviera Deck is completely opposite of the Butterflies Lounge and is Carnival Pride's nightclub.  The 118 guest capacity Beauties Dance Club spans two decks with an official entrance located one deck above on Promenade Deck.

Beauty and appreciation of the human body is, perhaps, most evident in the Beauties Dance Club.  Conjuring up images of Venus de Milo are multi-coloured male and female torsos lining the walls, supporting the tables, and decorating the ceiling.

One-way mirrors line the walls and ceiling and are illuminated from behind with flashing and neon lights to create many different effects.  Most dominant is a two-deck high video display that can display video and images to accompany the music.
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