Atlantic Deck


fd_161.jpg (36365 bytes) fd_160.jpg (44107 bytes) Completely forward on Atlantic Deck is access to the ship's open bow.  It is generally closed to guest access and is a crew area with hot tub.  The ship's traditional bell is located at the prow and includes the ship's name and year of inauguration - 2007.
fd_157.jpg (38033 bytes) fd_154.jpg (42338 bytes) Carnival Freedom's lifeboat stations are located on Atlantic Deck and muster points are aligned with the boats in a semi-open promenade.  This area is generally closed to guest access but doors are opened for muster purposes.

The Monticello Library's décor is eighteenth century Federal, decked out with wooden Chippendale-style bookcases with leaded glass doors, raised moldings, urns, and also a framed copy of the 'Declaration of Independence'

The Drawing Room is outfitted with 1850's, pre American Civil War fittings.  Exotic wood paneling is a backdrop for upholstered velvet sofas with claw feet, lit by faux kerosene lights and a brick fireplace.
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fd_93.jpg (77445 bytes) fd_94.jpg (68015 bytes) The Chic and Posh Dining Rooms are Carnival Freedom's main dining venues and are located amidships and aft respectively.
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fd_66.jpg (66321 bytes) Meeting facilities aboard Carnival Freedom include the Dynasty Room, which is a homage to ancient China in the 900's.  Facilities as such allow groups to sail on board and conduct business at the same time.  This is particularly ideal for corporate incentive groups.
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fd_63.jpg (72913 bytes) Just aft of the Dynasty Room is a staircase that takes guests up to Promenade and brings them amidships and adjacent to the Meiji Sushi Bar.
fd_27.jpg (74174 bytes) fd_28.jpg (66978 bytes) Travel back to the days of Ernest Hemingway's writing of Cuba in the Habana Bar.  Spanish Colonial style wood paneling is accented by plastered columns throughout.

An orange backdrop illuminates windows framed by blue louvered plantation shutters, creating the effect of a continuous sunset.  To complete the ambiance, cigar box labels decorate the room on everything from wall art to table tops.
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Faux snakeskin and a gold-leaf ceiling are just small touches to commemorate the 1990s style polished with marble and wood veneers.  Suspended lighting tracks along the ceiling create a magical effect when special events take place in each of the dining rooms.