Closing Thoughts  

Carnival Splendor debuted as Carnival's largest and most innovative ship in the fleet only prior to the arrival of Carnival Dream in September of 2009.  Along with being Carnival's larger fleet mate come impressive figures.

Carnival Splendor will visit 61 ports of call in 29 countries across three continents.  Approximately 22,000 meals will be served in the reservations only Pinnacle Supper Club.  Photographers will take more than 1.5 million digital images and portraits.

Artwork throughout the Carnival Splendor will look familiar to past Carnival Cruise Line guests who have sailed Carnival Freedom, for example.  Artist Joan Barber was commissioned to paint ten murals for the aft staircase of Carnival Splendor.  The overall theme of Barber's work on Carnival Splendor is that of being a sense of abandonment whereas the works on Freedom reflected recreational aspects of the 1940's post-war American culture.

Stateroom corridors are adorned with a collection of paintings inspired by the World of jazz by Augusto Vignali.  Artist Devita Writer created 18 original works of art for staterooms and suites.  The central staircase features nine works of art by artist Marian Westall and they depict underwater life.  Sculptor Sara Righi created works for poolside areas as well as nearby the Royal Flush Casino.  Works by Luciano Vistosi along the Promenade depict feelings of elegance and tranquility.

Carnival Splendor's décor and artwork keep guests engaged while on their personal holiday wherever in the World they may be sailing.

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